What is "it" that you want in life? A promotion? A better marriage? A child? A new home? Restoration? Peace? Happiness? Clarity? Wisdom?
In his newest book, Obtainable, Pastor Chris Sarno recounts how over the years, he has seen countless people praying for things that never came to pass. People hoping and wishing for their situations to shift, thinking that time is the answer. In this reality, he observes, time becomes the issue.
Ultimately coming to the conclusion that regardless of what "it" is that you need or want in life, "it" is obtainable. Not by time, but by the one thing that can change time: faith. Obtainable was written to express that when understood and applied properly, faith is the force that can make "it" happen in your life. because as you learn the process of faith, you will receive the promises of God.
Obtainable Pre-Roll
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