who we are

we exist to connect people to God

Here at Relevant Church, our mission is simple: Connect You to God. From the moment you walk on our campus, we make it our responsibility and priority to leave you with a greater capacity to find your place, reveal your purpose, and unlock your potential.



Our number one authority is the Word of God. We stand firmly on the foundation of the Bible and make it our mission to both build with and be built by the truth of its principles and constructs.


We follow the Holy Spirit wherever He leads. We are sensitive, obedient, and willing to listen to every truth He reminds us of. It is our priority to never get in the way of the Holy Spirit.


We are a family that goes to church together. Our family consists of those we know and those who will soon walk through our doors that we’ve yet to meet. Relationship is the heartbeat of our church.


Our mission extends further than our four walls. We focus on bringing the vision and values of Relevant Church around the globe. It is our goal to partner with and care for the nations of this world.


We keep our eyes set on excellence. We know excellence is the answer to the question: “If I gave this my all, what would it look like?” Perfection is never the goal, but we seek after excellence in all that we do.

Our Story

Founded in 2004 by Pastors Chris and Liz Sarno, Relevant Church is a place where people can find their place, reveal their purpose, and unlock their potential.
What started as a Word from God to bring hope to the city of Daytona Beach has flourished into a vibrant and empowered body of believers equipped to share the love and victory of Jesus in all that they do. 
From our creation, we have always believed that we are a family that goes to church together. It is with this goal and desire that we build a community of champions ready and prepared for the next level life they have been promised.  
Through weekly services, outreaches, and events, we maintain a strong commitment to building spiritual knowledge and lasting relationships.